I believe my colleagues would describe me as a versatile goal oriented individual with a strong technical background and a proven management mindset. I'm an experienced software architect and project manager (PMP Certified) with 16 years of experience in the I.T. industry. During this span I've worked in municipal government, Fortune 100 corporate manufacturing, Fortune 25 corporate insurance, and Tier 1 higher education.

For the past six-plus years, I have taken a special interest in community (open) source software solutions.  Most notably, I've architect-ed and implemented solutions using Jasig - uPortal and Kuali - Rice, and I've become highly involved in both communities. I'm on the Jasig Board of Directors, I attend both Jasig and Kuali conferences, and I'm active on their developer lists.

Both of these efforts are endemic of typical open source projects, where the architect does not have adequate supplementary resources such as training or documentation.   Therefore, they require significant planning, design, development, and constant evolution to meet the needs of a diverse set of organizations.  For example, in the past 18 months of Kuali integrations, I've:

In the bigger picture, I believe Kuali - Rice can function well as an application engine for delivering solutions quickly, and partnered with an application delivery framework like Jasig - uPortal, I believe organizations have a highly versatile and enterprise quality service delivery platform.

I work hard and smart, applying my experience to combine strategic big picture thinking with the ability to quickly identify key problem areas and take action to solve or reduce the impact of tactical issues and points of failure. I use my project management skills to juggle multiple complex project and service issues simultaneously and to bridge the communication gap among the technical and management staff.