LogicLander is a software development and delivery company, specializing in cloud solutions using open source software. Open source gives us a competitive edge for quickly developing and delivering custom software solutions that fit specific customer needs. Read on to learn more about our solutions, or contact us to describe your needs. We would like to hear from you:

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Google Apps: Websites, Email, Calendaring, and Office Productivity Tools

Does your organization need a professional branded web presence? Are you tired of paying licensing and upgrade fees for Email, Calendaring, and Office Productivity Suites (Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations)? Do you need new ways to connect with your customers and administer your organization? Do you want to take charge of the content on your website?

Perhaps we can help. LogicLander has implemented comprehensive websites and professional toolkits for running organizations using Google Apps. From non-for-profits, education providers, and government agencies to small businesses and beyond, all organizations can benefit from these Google cloud offerings, and we have the proven experience to put your team in the cloud.

Cogo: Run your small business in the cloud...

The Cogo product is a cloud based order entry and inventory management system. Cogo can help small businesses manage customer relationships, follow orders from quoted, to filled, to paid, and track inventory from purchased, to received, to sold.

Because Cogo is hosted in the cloud, you will have access to your business processes and information from anywhere on any device.

Saline: Clear Eyes on the Enterprise

Visualize your organization with Saline, a cloud based enterprise data visualization tool.

Ever been asked for a list of your services? How about projects that your people are working on? Is it becoming increasingly more difficult for your organization to accomplish all the work ahead with a shrinking budget and a limited head count? Well now may be the time to visualize your organization with Saline.

Saline tracks your Directives, Resources, Projects, Services (iDRoPS) and presents the data using visualization tools, enhancing your ability to make rationale business decisions armed with facts on the ground.


The JAASmine product is based in Java and implements functionality of Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS), and applies JAAS to common scenarios. For more information, or to download go here: https://github.com/logiclander/jaasmine

We created the JAASmine product with three initial goals in mind:

As a result, some other utilities, helper classes, and variations of the above were developed to help smooth the rough edges, facilitate quick integration, and provide reference implementations. The combination of all these things produce a solid framework for authenticating web applications and web services using industry standard tools and techniques.

In the near future, we'd like to extend this library to accept delegated credentials, perhaps from a workstation authentication to Kerberos.